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Constitution and Bylaws



We, a student group of West Virginia University, feeling the need for an organization to foster understanding and better relationships among students from different countries, do hereby ordain and establish this constitution.

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the International Student Organization (ISO) of West Virginia University.

Article II. Mission and Purpose
    • To promote cultural diversity and awareness of international countries and cultures through events especially for the WVU community.
    • To promote understanding and better relationships among students from all countries, including the United States, through social and cultural activities.
    • To create a medium for interaction among students, faculty, staff and the community as a whole.
    • To represent and serve the common interest of all international student organizations and associations.
    • To identify areas where international students need assistance and advocate for programs to target these areas.
    • To serve as a resource to the Student Government Association and the other student organizations on behalf of the international student population.
    • To provide information to students through various means of communication.
      Article III. Membership
        • Membership in this organization is open to any WVU student, (undergraduate, graduate, or professional), who is interested in the international community and wishes to further the mission and purpose of ISO.
        • This organization will not deny membership on the basis of race, sex, color, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or political affiliation.
        • Regular meetings will be held at the day and time to be determined at the beginning of each academic semester.
        • Special meetings may be called by the President or Vice-President in the absence of the President.
        • Faculty, staff, alumni and community members are welcome to attend events and participate in activities sponsored by ISO.
        Article IV. Organization

        The ISO shall include a governing body called the Executive Board.

        Executive Board

        • The membership of the Executive Board shall consist of six officers, (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations Officer, and Historian), and ISO Advisor(s).
        • The duties of the Officers shall be as stated in the bylaws.
        • The ISO Advisor(s) will collaborate with the student officers.
        • Each member of the Executive board shall have one vote.
        • The Executive board shall meet regularly, at a time and place to be specified.
        • Attendance at all meetings of the Board shall be expected. If a board member is unable to attend the meeting, he/she is expected to notify fellow officers in advance.
        Article V. Amendment to Constitution

        All amendments to this constitution must be proposed in writing to the Executive Board of the ISO.

        Proposed amendments to this constitution shall be discussed at a regular meeting and adopted by a simple majority vote of those present.


        Article I. Duties of Officers

        Section 1. The President shall:

        • Serve as the primary representative of the ISO to the campus and the community at large.
        • Appoint committee chairpersons and any other assistants he or she may deem necessary for the efficient execution of ISO projects.
        • Call meetings of the ISO Executive Board.
        • Preside over all meetings, unless being represented by other officers or designee.
        • Review reports from Treasurer, Secretary, Committee Chairs or Coordinators and appointees as needed.
        • Draft the agenda for meetings.

        Section 2. The Vice President shall:

        • Assist the President in the fulfillment of all of his or her tasks and perform such duties as delegated by the President.
        • Assume all of the President's responsibilities in the event of his or her absence, dismissal or resignation.
        • Bring a copy of the ISO constitution to all meetings and ensure all decisions, resolutions, and actions taken by the Executive
          Board are in accordance with the constitution.

        Section 3. The Treasurer shall:

        • Manage the ISO budget and finances.
        • Coordinate all fundraising activities organized through the ISO in collaboration with the ISO Advisor(s) and Executive Board.
        • Keep the Executive Board updated on the financial situation of the organization.
        • Organize the solicitation of all necessary donations from university offices and corporate/individual sponsors.
        • Be familiar with the university financial policies and procedures.
        • Collect and record dues from members or, if unavailable, designate this duty to another member of the Executive Board.
        • Perform all other duties relevant to the office or as assigned by the President.

        Section 4. The Secretary shall:

        • Take minutes and attendance at Executive Board and general meetings.
        • Make general meeting minutes available to all members prior to the next meeting.
        • Assume the duties of the Treasurer in the event of absence, dismissal or resignation until the office is filled.
        • Notify all members of the dates and times for upcoming general meetings and events.
        • Establish, maintain and organize all records and files related to ISO business including copies of all reports and resolutions.
        • Perform all other duties relevant to the office or as assigned by the President.

        Section 5. The Public Relations Officer shall:

        • Be responsible for handling all correspondence relating to the ISO.
        • Be responsible for the dissemination of the appropriate information on all ISO functions and services.
        • Be responsible for the promotion of ISO events to the appropriate news and information outlets.
        • Arrange for the creation of posters and flyers for ISO events.
        • Be in charge of the ISO web page and other social media.
        • Perform all other duties relevant to the office or assigned by the President.

        Section 6. The Historian shall:

        • Maintain the historical records for ISO.
        • Take the pictures for all ISO events and make them available.
        • Perform all other duties relevant to the office or assigned by the President.
        Article II. Officer and Committee Chair Removal

        For an officer/committee chair to be removed from office, the Executive Board must:

        • Conduct a hearing into the deficiencies of the officer. The officer in question must be present and must be offered an opportunity to respond to the charges.
        • Cast a vote securing a two-thirds majority in favor of removal.
        • Resignations can be accepted by the Executive Board or ISO Advisor(s).
        • Vacancies shall be filled by appointment and majority vote of the executive board in consultation with the ISO advisor(s) until the next regular election is to be held.
        Article  Ill.  Committee Chairs / Coordinators

        Each chair shall be appointed to represent one committee for the academic year. The committees shall include but not be limited to the following:  Communications, Social Activities, Membership, Mentoring and Events.

        Committee Chairs will:

        • Represent their respective committees at all meetings.
        • Ensure that all directives of the Board are carried out, delegating  responsibility as deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the Committee.
        • Call special meetings whenever the need arises.
        Article IV. Elections and Candidacy

        Section 1. Elections

        • A new Executive Board shall be elected during the spring semester and will be installed at the end of the term.
        • The officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present.
        • Elections shall be held by secret ballot and monitored by an ISO advisor.
        • All voters must be dues paying members of ISO.
        • Faculty and staff may not be voting members.
        • In the event that elections cannot be held in the spring semester, the current Executive Board will remain in office or appoint an interim board in conjunction with the ISO Advisor(s) until a new election can be held.

        Section 2. Candidacy of Officers

        • To be eligible for candidacy for the office of president, a candidate  should have been a member of the ISO for at least two semesters prior to the term in which the election is held.
        • To be eligible the candidate must be on-campus and a full-time student, and be able to serve the following academic year.
        • To be eligible for candidacy for any other office, the candidate must be a current member of the ISO.
        • The student is expected to have a 2.5 grade point average at the time of election or appointment. Further, the student may not be on academic or disciplinary probation.
        • Students may hold the same office for no more than two consecutive terms.
        • The Executive Board should aim to represent the diverse international student population at West Virginia University.
        Article V. Power of Veto

        Section 1.

        Any member of the organization may challenge a decision of the Executive Board. A petition signed by at least one-fourth (1/4) of the total number of members may request that any action be brought to the organization's full membership at any meeting for discussion. At this time, the President, acting as Chairperson of the Executive Board, must defend the Executive Board's position. Open discussion with questions will follow, after which a vote will  be taken. If two-thirds (2/3) of the members present are in opposition to the Executive Board's decision, the decision shall be annulled.

        Section 2

        The Executive Board may defend its position at the next scheduled meeting of the ISO and then ask for a vote. The vote will be carried by a simple majority of those present.

        Article VI.  Code of Conduct

        This organization will adhere to the current WVU Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

        Article VII. Revision to the bylaws

        Revision to these bylaws shall be made after notification and consultation with the membership by a simple majority vote.

        ISO Constitution Revised  04/09/2010